About Me

Jeni Hansen Gard Beam PieceBorn in 1985, the daughter of a nurse and bed and breakfast owner. My childhood was spent cleaning, making beds and playing on the shore of Lake Michigan. I am now considered a professional bed-maker but have always preferred to spend my days outside doing cartwheels in the sand. I studied Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics from 2003-2007 at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I went on to study ceramics at Grand Valley State University in 2008 for a year before teaching high school art for two years at Holland Christian High School.

I graduated from the University of Florida with my Masters in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics.  This site was created for my Master’s thesis project. I am a current MFA Ceramics graduate students at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. You can contact me directly at hansenjeni@hotmail.com or visit my personal website jenigard.weebly.com